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Nordstrom’s Plus Size Options- Two Thumbs down

  • Business Name: Nordstrom
  • Review of:           Retail Clothing
  • Location:             Bellevue, WA inside Bellevue Square
  • Website:    

I am not a small person.  I am 5’9″ and currently wear size 18.  Gunnar and I went to Nordstrom’s last week so I could buy some underwear.  The sales lady asked me if I was finding everything alright.  I said “No, I can not find my entire size, which is 1X.  I can not even find many extra larges and only a few larges.”  The lady proceeded to look around and brought me some huge granny panties and said I should check online.  I was insulted and shocked.

Granny Panties at Nordstrom's

I know that there are undergarments available that look quite nice on a lady my size and these are not it.  I’m tired of the fashion industry leaving out the big people.  They should take a look around, how many truly small and medium sized people do they see these days.

BTW, I checked Nordstrom’s online and there wasn’t very many options.  Most of which were very matronly looking.  I did find some great options on

Also, their larger shoe sizes and styles are not the best for a size 10 foot.  However, sadly, they have more options in the size 10 shoe department than most stores.


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I am a mom, a wife, and a preschool teacher at heart. I love reviewing my Washington experiences and sharing with others.


2 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s Plus Size Options- Two Thumbs down

  1. I am a Nordstrom’s card holder level 3 and used to look forward to shopping at the somerset location. Now I live closer to the Novi, MI location and their clothing stock is terrible. The store doesn’t have the current season’s style IN the store. They have many nice items online but I can never find it on their racks. How disappointing!! I’d like to be able to try on the clothes and feel the material before I buy so I dislike internet shopping. If they don’t start getting in more clothes then I’ll probably close my account and take my business to Lord and Taylor who has a much better selection of plus size clothing. What a shame.

    Posted by Marianne | October 22, 2011, 10:51 am
    • Yes, I found my last experience to be very disappointing as well. I am not sure why stores don’t recognize that plus sized women want to look good to and that we are a fabulous market opportunity…

      Posted by Gayle | November 11, 2011, 4:51 am

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