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Eating, Without the Kids

Ristorante Luciano: Two Thumbs Up

  • Business Name: Ristorante Luciano
  • Review of:           Eating out without kids
  • Location:            Bellevue, WA
  • Website:   

Ristorante Luciano is located outside of Bellevue Square.  Gunnar and I went there alone tonight.  The atmosphere is elegant and quiet.  We were glad not to have our loud munchkins with us.  The kids need more etiquette training before being allowed in a place like this.  Also, there is not a child’s menu option.

I had the lasagna Bolognese.  The sauce was tangy and the meat was finely ground.  The best part was that the pasta is handmade in the restaurant.  This gives the pasta a light and fluffy taste unlike the pasta we are used to from the grocery store that is heavy and thick.  The food was a real treat.  Ristorante Luciano has reconfirmed for me that there are still places that treat food as an art form.

Ristorante Luciano Dining Room


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