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Children’s Museum- Seattle: One Thumb Up

  • Business Name: Seattle Children’s Museum
  • Review of:           Family Activity
  • Location:            Seattle WA inside the Seattle Center
  • Website:   

We have been going to the Children’s museum on and off since the kids were born.  It is really a neat place.  There are all sorts of interactive exhibits for the children to explore using hands-on play.  It is a bit expensive for a family of 4, at $30.  I know that there are some discounts available like through PRIME.  A family can also pay $105 for the year for unlimited access.  Also, it is worth mentioning that you are likely to have to pay around $10 for parking.  It is good to bring a lunch and eat in the center house unless you feel like really spending big $ for the day.

They currently have a Lego exhibit as their main attraction.  The Lego exhibit is a bit boring in my opinion.  My kids only wanted to stay in that one for a few minutes and couldn’t be bothered to build any Lego structures. They used to have a Bob the Builder that was much more robust where the kids would want to stay the whole time.

The kids really like the Metropolitan Market exhibit.  It has kid sized grocery carts and shelves stocked with toy foods and products as well as a deli counter where the kids can make sandwiches or sell bread.

Gino and Grace at Seattle Children's Museum

On the way out there is a check out stand that the kids can use to pretend to ring up their customers.  My kids spent most of their time in this one.  They also like the taco shop and the stage.

Another part of the museum has a maze of cultural exhibits with little houses and markets and things to explore.  This exhibit has been there a long time and has become a bit old.  I wish the employees would go in and clean up the locked shelves and things in that exhibit.  The dust looks to be an inch thick.  My allergies were going nuts when we were going through there.  They could also stand to add some new interesting components to this exhibit.


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