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King County Public Library: Two Thumbs Up

  • Business Name: Lake Hills Library
  • Review of:           Family Activity
  • Location:            Bellevue, WA
  • Website:   

We love the library!  The new Lake Hills Library is beautiful and we are so pleased that they finally put a book drop in the garage.

Going to the library is something that appeals to all ages.  The kids like to get on the children’s area computers and then pick out books to take home.  The kids are also fascinated by their ability to check out videos.  I like to have a bit of time to pick out and read a novel while they play.  There are also board books and activities for babies as well as a public computer area for adults.

Gino and Grace at the Library

The library also has a ton of community services such as story time, etc. to check out.

They also allow kids to get their own library card.  The children’s librarian makes a big deal out of giving them a card and gives them a certificate.  The kids loved that.

Best of all, visiting the library is FREE!  Of course, one must return materials on time to avoid late fees.  One thing I want to mention is that I wish there were more children’s computers.  4 doesn’t seem to be enough.


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I am a mom, a wife, and a preschool teacher at heart. I love reviewing my Washington experiences and sharing with others.


2 thoughts on “King County Public Library: Two Thumbs Up

  1. Thanks for the good words on Libraries! Makes out job better 🙂

    Posted by pcsweeney | August 30, 2011, 7:08 am

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