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Proclub Tennis Gallery: One Thumb Down

  • Business Name: Pro Sports Club
  • Review of:           Tennis Gallery Dining
  • Location:             Redmond, WA
  • Website:    

I took the kids to lunch today at the Proclub.  We went up to the Tennis Gallery dining area to order lunch.  It is a comfortable and casual little row of booths that have a view over the tennis courts.  There is a more traditional dining room right next door called “The Bistro”.  They provide crayons and dittos for the kids to color, which is nice.  Grace likes coloring the pics but Gino barely touches it.

We all ordered the cheeseburgers.  They were very expensive and my soda was flat.  $9 for each kid and $12 for mine, yikes!  The total was $34 for two kids meals, my meal and 3 drinks.

$9 Proclub Kids Meal w/ Tiny Cheeseburger

My meal was a generous sized burger plus salad (could also choose fries) but the kids burgers were more like little sliders that came with a lot of fries and a bag of apples.  A small kids meal is ok for health purposes but then, they need to reduce the cost to the customer… $9 is outrageous for what was served to the kids.

$12 Proclub Tillamook Cheeseburger with Salad instead of Fries

I’ve eaten in there before and the waiter/waitress almost never pays any attention to us, except to deliver the food and provide one soda refill.  No one ever asks if our food is ok or if we need anything.  Also, a smile from the cafe staff is very hard to come by.  We pay before the food is delivered and there is a line for gratuity, I always struggle with whether or not to put anything since my service experiences are so terrible.  Today, I put $2 since judging by their lack of smiles I figure they must be sad about something and I thought maybe I can cheer them up.

On the plus side, my Tillimook Cheeseburger and salad were delicious.  The fresh veggies, mayo and cheese have a rich and pleasing flavor.


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