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Sunset Spa– One Thumb Up

  • Business Name: Sunset Spa and Tanning
  • Review of:           Mommy Activity
  • Location:             Bellevue, WA –same complex as QFC on 16th
  • Website:   

I feel like I’ve discovered a diamond in the rough!  I usually go to ProClub but I get tired of driving all the way over there.  Sunset Spa is right in the neighborhood and is a full service spa.  The shop is very nice and definantly communicates “Spa” over “Cheapy, Stinky, Nail Place”.  Best thing about them is that their prices are very good.

One thing to note, thou, conversation is limited.  One lady doesn’t speak english well and the other lady  says very little (even thou she speaks perfect english).  I really like that thou.  I’m not interested in a long conversation while having hair ripped off my body.

So far, I have done waxing there.  They do a great job on facial waxing.  My brows are very even with no straggler hairs.  They also are very detailed and go over the area with tweezers to make sure they got everything.  I will go for a mani-pedi next.

BTW, Brazilian waxing was another story… I was a bit outside of my comfort zone having to assist the esthetician.  Usually, I don’t have to do anything but get into position and brace myself.  However, at Sunset, you get to “hold things tight”.  Very strange experience.  I will continue to go to ProClub for this service.  I saved $30 going to Sunset but I have to say it’s worth the extra $ to go somewhere that makes you feel comfortable.



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