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The Gergeli family shares their experiences with restaurants, services, products, retail, and events in Washington State.

Our intention is to provide meaningful reviews on just about anything and everything from one family’s perspective.  We will not be afraid to provide open and honest reviews on businesses, products, services, etc. to help our readers in their search for fabulous buys and activities.  We are just starting up and many more reviews are to come, so please check in as often as possible.  More information about individual family members along with more pictures are available on our individual blogs.

If you like what you see, please encourage us to continue by “like”ing our posts on the site and also on facebook.  Comments and feedback are welcome.

Meet the family :

  • Gunnar—   Husband, father, business man, 37 years old, who enjoys physical activity,
  •                    sports, writing, spiritual fulfillment and Jack Daniels (not necessarily in that
  •                    order).
  • Gayle–       Wife and Mother, 29+ years old, enjoys art, wine, music, family events,
  •                    books, educating children and a fun night out.
  • Gino–         First grade boy who loves video games, stories, riding bikes, building stuff,
  •                   and ice cream.
  • Grace–       Pre-Kindergartener who loves shoes, dresses, food, dolls, dancing, family
  •                    activities, riding bikes, and swimming.

Gergeli Family at Disney


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