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Crossroads Mall- Two Thumbs Up

Business Name: Cross Roads Mall Review of:           Family Activity Location:             Bellevue, WA inside crossroads mall Website:     Crossroads mall is a great time and best of all it doesn’t have to cost money.  There are free music events at the mall that my kids love to dance to.  Today we watched a huge sized chess … Continue reading

Emerald Ballet: One Thumb Up

Business Name: Emerald Ballet Theater Review of:           Lessons for Children Location:             Bellevue, WA near 520 Website:     Emerald Ballet is a non-profit ballet group who is dedicated to advancing the art of ballet through education, performance, community outreach, and collaboration with other arts organizations. Gino and Grace have both been part of Emerald Ballet since last season.  Grace lives … Continue reading

Children’s Museum- Seattle: One Thumb Up

Business Name: Seattle Children’s Museum Review of:           Family Activity Location:            Seattle WA inside the Seattle Center Website:    We have been going to the Children’s museum on and off since the kids were born.  It is really a neat place.  There are all sorts of interactive exhibits for the children to explore using hands-on play.  It is … Continue reading

King County Public Library: Two Thumbs Up

Business Name: Lake Hills Library Review of:           Family Activity Location:            Bellevue, WA Website:    We love the library!  The new Lake Hills Library is beautiful and we are so pleased that they finally put a book drop in the garage. Going to the library is something that appeals to all ages.  The kids like to get … Continue reading

Golf Lessons at Bellevue Golf Course: Two Thumbs Up

Golf Lessons at Bellevue Golf Course Business Name: Bellevue Golf Course Review of:           Family Activity Location:            Bellevue, WA Website:    The whole family received a lesson at the local public golf course today.  The course is open year round and the people seemed pretty friendly. The instructor’s name is Patrick Vaughn.  This instructor has … Continue reading

Crossroads International Spray Park: Two Thumbs Up

Business Name: Bellevue Parks and Recreation– Crossroads Spray Park Review of:           Family Activity Location:            Bellevue, WA Website:    A splashy good time running through creative water creature themed sprinklers at Bellevue’s Crossroads Park.  Lots of things to climb.  The age range that I saw was anywhere from 1 years old to 9ish.  It’s a good … Continue reading

Space Needle- One Thumb Up

Business Name: Space Needle Review of:           Family Activity Location:             Seattle, WA within the Seattle Center Website:    We went to the space needle last week.  See individual blogs for more pics.  I gave it only one thumb up since it was so expensive, over $60 for the family just to ride up the elevators.  No discounts … Continue reading