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Proclub Tennis Gallery: One Thumb Down

Business Name: Pro Sports Club Review of:           Tennis Gallery Dining Location:             Redmond, WA Website:     I took the kids to lunch today at the Proclub.  We went up to the Tennis Gallery dining area to order lunch.  It is a comfortable and casual little row of booths that have a view over the tennis courts.  There is … Continue reading

Lil’ Jon Restaurant & Lounge- Two Thumbs Up

Business Name: Lil Jon Restaurant and Bar Review of:           Eating Out with Kids Location:             Bellevue, WA next to Michael’s Toyota Website:              None I love diner food!  Lil’ Jon’s is certainly an authentic diner atmosphere with comfy booths, friendly staff, and tasty breakfast.  We went for dinner tonight.  I had the Oriental Chicken Salad.  It has iceberg lettuce, mandarin … Continue reading

McDonalds: One Thumb Up

Business Name: McDonald’s Review of:           Eating out with Kids Location:             Bellevue, WA near I-90 Website:     The kids always beg to go to McDonald’s.  I admit, I like the fries and big mac.  It is also convenient, dependable, and widely available.  The employees are almost always very nice.  The kids like to play on … Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Battered Fish Nuggets- One Thumb Up

Bellevue WA, Crossroads Area I am not a fan of fish sticks.  I refuse to eat most kinds.  These are ok.  My family loves them so they get bonus points with me.

Trader Joe’s Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Pasta- One thumb Down

Trader Joe’s in Bellevue near Crossroads We had this for dinner last night with Alfredo Sauce.  I thought it was bland and tasteless.